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Car Accident Victims
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Car accidents are a common daily episode. Most victims are left scarred and not sure how to start the road to recovery.

On the plus side, Florida has laws that allow victims of these accidents to get money covering any injuries when someone driving a car fails to do so responsibly.

Our top rated personal injury lawyers have the resources and experience to help you in these moments, giving you the attention needed to achieve great results and get you moving past these difficult and likely trying times.

Don’t let to much time pass by before having a car accident attorney assist you with your accident case. Being in a car accident is a very serious event and our Delray Beach car accident lawyers want to help you hold those responsible getting you the money you are allowed.

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Do I Have A Car Accident Case?

Sadly, Delray Beach cannot avoid the dangers that happen with an accident claim, and victims of these accidents should be aware of the struggles of Florida’s neglect laws.

Injury cases are judged under our state’s no-fault law, which means that based on a person’s violation of care, damages can be given to many people.

Auto Accident Case Conditions

You can go after the at-fault driver in your accident within four years from the date of your accident. Your personal insurance will use personal injury protection (PIP) benefits, to handle any urgent medical matters.

Non-Driver Auto Accident Causes

There is a lot of car accident cases that don’t even involve another driver. These types of accident cases tend to be much tougher because there is a lot of data and outside opinion of the crash site that has to take place.

Several types of these accidents that don’t invlove another car but were severe enough to cause injuries and damages to the driver of a vehicle are:

  • Road flaws.
  • Poor notice of possible road flaws.
  • The city not making an effort to check or fix parts of an unsafe road.
  • There was something wrong with your car, a defect of some kind, that was the cause of your accident.
  • Causes Of Vehicle Accidents Involving Another Driver

The National Safety Council made efforts to improve car safety technology to reduce the number of auto accident deaths. In 2017 the safety council stated over 40,000 people died in car accidents, mainly due to:

  • Destructive driving, including speeding, tailgating, and not obeying traffic laws.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other.
  • Unsafe road conditions, such as bad weather, bad roadways, and construction.
  • Product liability.
  • Not paying attention, tired, or other faulty driving.

Best Car Accident Lawyer

Many victims ask if they need to hire a lawyer after they have been in an accident involving a car, or when you should find a lawyer to help with your accident.

The first thing that you should do after an accident is to get attention for any injuries that you may have received. After getting help from a doctor, then call a car accident lawyer to help get you through the process of searching for a reward for injuries and damages.

Our law firm knows the health crisis that results from an accident of this nature. We are tough against the guilty person(s) who put you in the state you are in today.

There are many different things that our attorneys go after to get you money for your physical, emotional, and economic difficulties.

Car Accident Lawyer Near Me

With many years of experience serving injury victims and their loved ones in Delray Beach, Florida, our law firm has proven through the years we know what it takes to beat the insurance companies approach and get you the most for your case.

Did you search for a car accident injury lawyer near me, if so, do not look anywhere else – at the Shiner Law Group our attorneys know how to handle your personal injury case.

At our firm a vehicle accident attorney will provide a free consultation to discuss your case and spend the time needed to answer your questions related to your accident.

Our clients have told us that when they searched for an injury lawyer the law firm of Shiner Law Group is at the top of the list and our attorneys want to keep up our reputation.

If you or a loved one is hurt and are searching for an injury using the term lawyer near me, and you found our law firm, then you are like several of our clients – Call Now.

Call a Delray Beach injury law firm now to discuss your issues immediately and ask to speak with David Shiner today. Give Shiner Law Group a call today!

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